Why Alex Rodriguez Should Be Banned For Life

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The New York Yankees are considered one of the greatest teams in all of sports.  With 27 World Series Titles and 40 AL Pennants, the Bronx Bombers are always a threat in the American League, no matter how bad the team is.  But something that has been lingering this season for the club has been something that was kicked forward this year; Alex Rodriguez.

Alex Rodriguez, or AROD as he’s called by everyone that watches baseball, has become a walking sideshow that everyone in the media wants to talk to.  Every day now, there’s some new story about how AROD thinks the Yankees hate him, or how he’s seen doctors over so-called Quad Strains, just trying desperately to play.  But right now, Alex has put himself into a bind so large, that he’ll never break free, thanks to the Biogenesis case in Miami.

You guys know all the stories that happened with steroids before 2013, and how AROD tested positive in 2003.  You know how he never got punished thanks to a loophole in the MLB Players Agreement back then.  And we certainly know he admitted it in 2009, 6 years after the positive test.  During 2001-2003, he loaded up on PEDs and Steroids with the Texas Rangers.  He numbers?  52, 57, and 47 Home Runs.  That was how effective they were during those years.  And the MLB let it slide because of the contract.

Back then, you could get away with steroids for years, and never get punished, or even affected by them.  We saw guys like Mark McGwire and Sammy Sosa fighting for the HR Record Books, Barry Bonds slam everything out of the ballpark, even smashing windows, and we saw Roger Clemens pitch game after game with perfection.  But, all of those storylines would go down the toilet bowl, along with their Hall of Fame chances, thanks to PEDs and Steroids.

But something to realize is that AROD is just like them.  After that first positive test where he got away with using Steroids, he was almost caught again in 2010, and in the Biogenesis case.  In 2010, he almost got caught for seeing Dr. Anthony Galea.  According to Galea, he only gave AROD anti-inflammatories (Yea Right…) and that was it.  When a doctor is known for giving guys PEDs and Steroids daily to guys such as Santana Moss and others, you know something is up.  After all, Galea had been caught a couple times at the border with the drugs.

And now, there’s today.  AROD once again has been caught for a third time with the Biogenesis scandal.  That would make it the third time he’s been involved with PEDs, either with doctors, or admitting it himself; an automatic ban for life in MLB’s eyes.  But it isn’t the fact he was on the lists for PEDs, it was what happened afterwards.

According to reports, before Dr. Anthony Bosch cooperated with the MLB about his involvement with the clinic, he tried to pay AROD to not speak about it.  Of course, AROD said no, not trying to get into more trouble, but the fact that Dr. Bosch went to him to keep himself quiet shows something.  How much involvement did Rodriguez have with him?  How many times did he see him?  And, most of all, why him?  It was obvious AROD was a major part of the clinic’s business, just with him trying to pay him off.

And now, the past month has been a roller-coaster for AROD, so much so that he’s now a walking storyline.  Every day now, he’s complaining about how the Yankees don’t want him to play, or how he’s healthy as can be.  But he put himself into this mess for a reason, and he and the Yankees know it.

The first sign of this was when AROD told the media he thought the Yankees didn’t want him to play this season.  Of course, GM Brian Cashman denied this at the time, and this started a firestorm for the rest of the season so far.  When the Yankees finally gave AROD a rehab assignment, he claimed everything was fine for the time being.  But, of course it wasn’t.  He was lying right through his teeth as he usually did.

Now the past few days have been the most important to just suspend AROD now, instead of later.  First, the Yankees reported that Alex had a Grade 1 Quad Strain on the last day of his rehab.  That sounds kind of fishy don’t you think?  But then, AROD turned around and called a doctor in the middle of the night, had him look over the MRI for his Quad and he said he was ‘perfectly fine.’

The doctor he called was Dr. Michael Gross from New Jersey.  But something that came up in my eyes was the second paragraph in an article on ESPN:

As part of the report filed by the state’s attorney general, Dr. Michael Gross failed to “adequately ensure proper patient treatment involving the prescribing of hormones, including steroids” at the Acting Center for Health & Wellness. (Via ESPN, Para. 2)

The doctor he called had gotten in trouble back in February for letting one of his employees improperly give steroids to someone.  It has to be a coincidence right?  I don’t think so in a million years.  It’s obvious AROD knew his involvement with PEDs, and might’ve gone to him too if he didn’t get caught in Miami.  Right now, all the dots are connecting for AROD, showing every sign of him trying to sneak more money out of the Yankees before he’s banned for life.

Ryan Braun

Ryan Braun (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

But here’s something to think of; Ryan Braun could be just like him.  Like AROD, Braun was a part of the documents from the clinic.  But he pulled a simple deal with the MLB to avoid a lifetime ban, only getting banned for 65 games instead, or the rest of the 2013 Season.  But here’s something to also think about; he got caught back in 2011, and got away with it.  Braun snuck away with the 2011 NL MVP Trophy over Matt Kemp, who beat Braun in every hitting stat that year.  And, like AROD, he was caught after the season.  But with the new rules in place, Braun could’ve been suspended for 50 games to start the 2012 season.  Of course though, Braun had a loophole; the DNA Sample.

Back then, if you can all remember, Braun’s sample was stored in a fridge at the tester’s home for three days, due to the UPS Store being closed for a holiday.  And because of that, Braun challenged the suspension, and won.  He knew if he could find a loophole, he’d be able to keep using PEDs without any trouble.  And of course, he did, until this season.

Now as we’re entering another weekend of baseball, hotdogs and fun, AROD is already on his way to being gone from the MLB.  If he doesn’t get the lifetime ban by the end of this season, then it’s obvious this crisis could get out of hand.  AROD has been caught with incidents involving PEDs, and most recently, calls to doctors that are against the CBA with connections to PEDs, and obviously plans to do it for the rest of his life.  He’s a crook, a cheater, and a steroid pusher.  And most of all, he only cares about money, and how PEDs could get him even more.

That’s all,

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